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☆ Blog #95 ☆

I just love these to items from,
!Twisted Glam!. Anything to show of my curves. Lace Sport Bra  & Goldleaf Shorts
Can be purchased @ Thick Event Room. 
Both come with layer for Second Life avatar as well as Omega huds for mesh bodies.
LoQ Hair" BerryJuice FatPack 
Is a promo on Market place. great price and very pretty.

☆ Body ☆ 

Body:             Maitreya                             Lara
Shape:            [eStyle]                             Coral X5 
Skin:          .::WoW Skins::.                      Elisabeth Tan Nat
Ears:           [MANDALA]                            UNISEX STEKING_EARS_Season 5
Feet                  Slink                                High feet 

☆ Clothes ☆ 

Top:               !Twisted Glam!            Lace Sport Bra LightBlue & Magenta with OMEGA HUD
Shorts:           !Twisted Glam!            Goldleaf Shorts LightBlue & Black with OMEGA HUD
Boots:               Crazy Kitty                 Gladiator heels(for high feet slink)

☆ Accessories ☆ 

Hair:                     LoQ'ue                  BerryJuice (LeftSided) FatPack
Mani:             ~Gorgeous Dolls~        Siren's Reverie - Maitreya Mesh Hands
Pedi:                      Slink                   Nail Hud
Eyelashes:     Gaeline Cosmetics         Mesh Lashes Fantasia
Piercings:     RealEvil Industries          Rebel Piercing Set
Earring:                -RYCA-                 EARRING HOOP-WIDE PLATINUM     
Bracelets:             -RYCA-                 BANGLE/BRACELET PLANE SILVER   
Belly Chain:         -RYCA-                  BELLY PIERCING CHAIN DIAMOND PLATINUM     
Tattoo:                    Letis                 :: Inermis :: & Appliers 

☆ Poses & Props ☆ 

Magnifique Poses  Dark wall brick wall pose 4 

Magnifique Poses  Princess pose 2


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