About Me

I like to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at my blog. Thanks to all who have supported me since Sept. 6, 2014. I blog because of my love of clothing (and shopping addiction)..lol I will list some of what I have and use for most posts. 
I also love taking pics. I am trying to get better at it.  I am grateful to my sponsors, thank you for sticking with me and/or given me a chance. 

Bento Mesh Heads


Genus Project


My Latest Bento Head
I love this head for so many reasons. There are some flaws in the head, but in my humble opinion, it is one of the most realistic heads. Overall, It is one of my favorite Bento head so far. As a blogger, I wish there were more static poses for pictures, but there are many animations.

Catya Head Most of us love Catwa heads. There are a lot of great animations for this head. Many add-ons for fun: Gum, Lollipops, tongue piercings and more. So many heads/Skins/accessories to chose from, a huge variety.
Favorite Make up for both Catwa & Some LAQ heads.

Scarlet - I use most

I love LAQs New Bento Heads. Heads cost L$1500 each (skin nor hud are included)

It is Omega ready, You can use system eyes and/or Mesh. The hud is simple and easy to use. So many good things about this head. Hud Cost L$3ooo, but all you need is one hud to control all LAQ heads.

Favorite Make-up Store for my LAQ head's Shiny Stuffs.

May Bento head (Still trying to personalize head) 

Mesh Bodies 

eBODY - Curvy

Belleza all 3, but I mostly use Isis.

Maitreya - Lara

SLink - Hourglass.

eBODY is my new favorite. Unfortunately many designers don't create for this body. So I rarely blog with it. I Blog mostly with my SLink Hourglass. It is my next fave. I love having curves and these two bodies have the best curves in my opinion.  

I bought them before my SL Break and used them all the time. I still do on occasions, but with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink now having bento hands, I don't use them as much. 


.: RatzCatz :.  Bento Finger Nails
I purchased these when looking for extensions nails for my eBODY body. This Pack has nails for most bodies, So I lucked out. When I use these Nails I use Encore Nail appliers Fatpack

Gorgeous Dolls
I love her extended nails and have warn them for a very long time. I like my nails long. GD have beautiful design and vibrant colors. 

When using body nails, I have purchased many nail appliers off of Marketplace. ZoZ is a fave, when I have the linden. Carnival is another great one, many colors and another fave is from Encore, they have so many bright colors.


There isn't one that I specifically use most.  Something New/Erotic Is One Of my favorites. Has been since before they were one of my sponsors. Many poses come with props, not to mention backdrops. Every one well made and very detailed. 

Is One I have many poses from. I bought many and there backdrops as well. Saturday Sales are the best. L$75 for either pose or backdrop great deal and always high quality

Bento poses that I love is from Reve Obscura. Prices are great (affordable) 
and come with props (If props are apart of pose). I can't chose a fave, I love so many pose stores. I have tons of poses..lol

Another product I can't live with out is, Animare hud. This hud helps to move your body parts, so your arms are not digging in your chest or legs. You can turn your head, hands, feet and more. Just bought Updated version Animare Plus. It comes with 2 additional huds to transfer to your friends, connect huds and adjust them from your main hud. When finished press connect again to cut them off and adjust yourself. The great part is that it can be return it to you when done. 

If you like to know more, please don't hesitate to ask. 

You can reach me through the contact tab above, or in-world, Brookelynnrose resident. 

Facebook Messenger might be fastest way to reach me... Brooklyn Rose

Thank you for taking the time and interest to learn a lil bit about me, and a few of my faves!