No Me Toques!


LUXE Paris has joined The ”Noli me tangere! No me toques” group (which means don't touch me in Latin & Spanish) in it a worldwide campaign to top violence against woman. 

The ”Noli me tangere! No me toques” group raises awareness and assists regarding all kinds of violence against women: slaving, violence in the family and relationships, psychological violence, rape, sexual exploitation, clitoris ablation and femicide (murder of a woman because of her gender). 
No me toques Bikini top & Palazzo pants come fit for Maitreya & Slink.
Also comes in 5 Sizes from xxs-l.
Alpha for both are included.
For more information, to help or be helped, please contact: sofiarossi or Mariselaa 

 Group: secondlife:///app/group/4db56cc1-9bc2-5ed7-28ac-5d98823c7487/about

Tokyo Heels @ Designer Showcase
Compatible with TMP, Maitreya, Belleza, Eve & Slink high feet. Hud includes 35 colors as well as 10 Patterns. These are a favorite.

For Body Click Below
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Hair: Little Bones Creme
Nails: Gorgeous Dolls Mokki's Way XL(Chobii's Choice Ed.)
Lip Piercing: PUNCH Monroe Stud
Puppy: {anc} Longhairdog Fatpack
Jewelery: EarthStones Laraine Jewelry Set - Diamond Platinum