✨ Obedience ✨

Friday, December 19, 2014 0 comments
✨ Blog 56 ✨
Feeling in control and very sexy! 
Any girl/woman, has to feel pretty in anything Pink!
I went to Sugar and found this gorgeous outfit! I just had to have it!
While feeling dominant with my new outfit, 
I can't help but to feel pretty in Pink!

Boots from KC Couture, are so sexy!
They are made for slink or invisible feet!
However, I am able to wear them with my Belleza Venus body!

✨  Body ✨

Body:          -Belleza-                     Venus        
Shape:          [eStyle]                     Coral X5       
Skin:            -Belleza-                    Grace Makeup 0 Sk

✨ Clothing ✨
Outfit:            SUGAR                 KINK - PINK 
Boots:           KC Couture           BERLIN Slink High Overknee Boots / FATPACK

 ✨  Accessories ✨ 
Eyes:                  Anara                   Customeyes  
Hair:              Truth Hair                Bijou (Mesh Hair) - variety
Lips:               [Pink Fuel                Glossy Pout Lipsticks <Pinks>
Eyelashes: Gaeline Cosmetics             Divina Mesh Eyelashes                                       
Freckles:      ♥Pink Acid♥                   Natural Beauty Freckles & Mole
Mani/Pedi:       -Belleza-                     Belleza Hud

Earrings:              Ryca                     HOOP-WIDE PLATINUM  
Piercings:    RealEvil Industries       Rebel Piercing Set 
Flogger:               Xcite!                  Leather Flogger (leather handle) 
Tattoo:            Letis Tattoo            :: Inermis :: & Appliers


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