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✨ Blog #52 ✨
This coat, from Venomous Deigns by Bria,
 happens to be one of my favorite coats EVER. 
 It is so well made, with it's vibrant colors, 
well detailed hood, belt and under sleeves.
With winter coming, it is something every girl needs in her closet!

The Leather Pants from .:L&B:., 
are as if tailored made for every body Shape,
Like the other pant's I own from .:L&B:.,
 amazed by how they shape my body!
Made by: Paul Lapointe

In November I was on a mission looking for clothing 
for my new Belleza Venus Mesh body. Shoes were #1 Priority.
As I entered the thrift shop, I was happy to see Razor/// Clothing.
As I got closer, I almost passed out when I saw they made shoes for Belleza!
They are sexy and complete my outfit! You can wear them with just about anything.
I would know, I have used them over and over! 
Heels, made by: RazorbladeJacket

✨  Body ✨
Body:           -Belleza-                    Venus    
Shape:           [Hush]                       Juliette Skin - Natural    
Skin:       Orage Creations              Sherazade skin - cream tone (Blonde)

 ✨ Clothing ✨

Coat:  Venomous Designs            Touch of Punk Winter Coat (Peachy)
Pants:         .:L&B:.                       S'Wear Mesh (W) Leather Pants Skinny Zip -Plain Blk
Shoes:         Razor///                     Catena Heels - Black (Nov Round of Thrift shop)

✨  Accessories ✨ 

Hair:               Truth Hair                Moxie (Light Blondes)
Eyelashes: Gaeline Cosmetics        Divina Mesh Eyelashes                                            
Lips:               [Pink Fuel                [PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks*Extra* Choco Bonuss
Freckles:      ♥Pink Acid♥               Natural Beauty Freckles & Mole
PediMani:       -Belleza-                  Belleza Hud  

Earring:           -RYCA-                   Earring Hoop-Wide Platinum

IONIC:        The story Of Racoons and Bears  
                    #6 Momma bear & #8 Lay Bear





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